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AET Fund Announces Investments As Part Of Its Continued Mission To Deliver Value To Portfolio Companies; Deliver Colorful Experiences In A Heart-Driven World


Venture Arm Of Entertainment, Gaming, and Live Experience Giant Akatsuki, AET Fund Announces 50M US / India Fund

LOS ANGELES – April 17, 2019 – Akatsuki Entertainment Technology (AET) Fund, the venture arm of Japan’s entertainment, gaming and live experience powerhouse Akatsuki, announced today new investments as part of its $50M fund, which has already invested in more than twenty startups in the United States and India. Supporting Akatsuki’s mission of creating a heart-driven world, AET Fund is investing in startups that foster happiness and an overall positive well-being, with resources that optimize them for success.

With operations in Los Angeles, Japan and India, AET Fund is focused on providing startups with seed funding, as well as collaborative insights, access to its vast network, human capital, corporate development, partnership opportunities, business discipline, developer resources and strategic insights for raising additional funds. AET Fund is investing in leading gaming, entertainment, esports, health and wellness, media and hospitality startups. New investments include:

Blutag: Cloud-based technology platform that helps retailers deliver voice shopping experiences through voice-activated smart speakers.
Karuna Labs: VR software dedicated to treating chronic pain through cortical reorganization.
Popshop: Stream, shop, sell. Popshop empowers brands and small businesses to create interactive and engaging shopping
experience through live videos.
Steereo: Music promotion and marketing service that uses rideshares as a vehicle to play new music to their passengers.
TRASH: You Shoot, We Edit. Use AI to make and watch short videos on your phone! Building Reality TV 2.0 with computational cinematography.

“AET Fund invests in startups that bring color, positive well-being and new forms of media and entertainment to consumers. We leverage our deep expertise in in-app monetization, immersive experience development, vibrant community creation, and IP development to help our portfolio companies maximize growth, scalability and market opportunities that help their businesses thrive,” said Mark Linao, Principal at AET Fund.

AET Fund launched in October 2017 to focus on funding brands that share the same ethos as Akatsuki. Akatsuki was founded in 2010 in Japan and has since developed and distributed a variety of mobile and social games. The company is now publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With a mission of driving innovation within the entertainment industry, Akatsuki is responsible for successful games played all over the world. “Akatsuki believes the heart is what drives our world. AET Fund similarly focuses on adding value to portfolio companies that create heart-driven experiences,” said Tomoya Ogawa, Managing Director at AET Fund and CFO of Akatsuki.

Since its inception, AET Fund has invested in more than twenty companies, including Girlboss, an online platform that gives women the tools, resources, and connections to own their future, made popular through the New York Times best-selling book and Netflix series Girlboss. The fund has focused on portfolios in the gaming, AR/VR, wellness, hospitality, and entertainment industries, and plans to add emerging technologies like synthetic media in the near future. Existing AET Fund portfolios include:

Bunch: The first app that allows people to play their favorite games with friends over video chat.
FaZe Clan: The world’s most popular esports organization.
Girlboss: A company dedicated to empowering women in their careers through conferences, podcasts and membership
HipDot: A platform that enables influencers to develop and launch their own beauty brand.

About: AET Fund
The Akatsuki Entertainment Technology (AET) Fund is a venture capital fund investing in companies that drive happiness across a variety of categories in a heart-driven world. The fund is the Corporate VC arm of entertainment, gaming and live experience giant Akatsuki. In addition to providing capital, the firm provides portfolio companies with the strategic assets necessary to differentiate, grow and scale their business in competitive industries. To learn more, please go to https://aet.fund/

About: Akatsuki, Inc.
Akatsuki Inc. (https://en.aktsk.jp/) headquartered in Tokyo with offices in Taiwan and Los Angeles, is the highly regarded entertainment company based in Japan. Incorporated in 2010, Akatsuki has achieved remarkable growth and went public in 2016 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With a mission of driving innovation within the entertainment industry, Akatsuki is responsible for successful games played all over the world. Akatsuki’s core business focuses on the production of games for mobile phones and tablets. Akatsuki has expanded its service offerings to include the live experience business by providing an easy search and reservation platform for experience-based entertainment such as outdoor tours or special events in Japan. The company is best known for co-developing and distributing one of 2017’s most successful mobile games “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle,” published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.